Triple 1: Draka S/FTP cable with maximum fire safety

Draka S/FTP cable with maximum fire safety

Fire protection in buildings is a top priority in order to protect human life. Because more and more plastics are being installed, life-threatening toxic gases and smoke develop within minutes in fires. Cables are also fire accelerants. That is why the highly shielded Draka S/FTP installation and connection cables of categories 7, 7A and 8.2 are now even more fire-resistant. With the expansion of the portfolio ... Read more

Optical nets with fibres insensitive to bending

Progressive digitalisation is leading to a massive increase in optical network density. As a result, bend-resistant fibre optic cables such as the Draka single-mode fibre G.657.A1 are increasingly coming into focus. In the current issue of LANline, Gerard Pera, Product Manager Fibre Optic Data Cables at BU Multimedia Solutions/Prysmian Group, describes in a comprehensive article how to get the most out of optical networks with bend-friendly fibres. ... Read more

DRAKA S1NGLE: Networking made easy

The trend in industry and buildings is clearly moving towards digitalisation and networking. Smart factories and buildings can be realised more easily and cost-efficiently through the Internet of Things (IoT). The use of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) creates the basis for barrier-free networking of different components and devices. To ensure the fast, broad and secure implementation of ... Read more

SM fibre optic cable with improved bending performance

The relentless increase in data traffic is creating an exploding demand for transmission capacity and network infrastructure. New technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are fuelling this trend. Optical networks must adapt to these demands by gaining momentum, offering higher capacities and lower latency. At the same time, density is increasing and optical networks are coming up against space ... Read more

SPE Technology Days a great success

The SPE System Alliance with the Multimedia Solutions BU of the Prysmian Group as a member can be pleased: With over 1500 registered participants from 60 countries, the SPE Technology Days, which were held for the first time on 22 and 23 September 2020, were a complete success. The successful kick-off event served the digital exchange of knowledge around the future topic: Single Pair Ethernet ... Read more

Technology Days 2020 // 22-23.09.2020

Single Pair Ethernet

The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance invites you to the Technology Days 2020 with expert discussions plus accompanying exhibition. Register for the virtual conference free of charge:

UC FIBRE 432: Fireproof, waterproof, flexible

Users should be aware that combined indoor/outdoor cables must be absolutely waterproof according to the current EN 60794-1. The Multimedia Solutions BU of the Prysmian Group has the right solution here: the fibre optic loose tube cables of the N-series in fibre counts up to 432. They are currently the only cables on the market that combine high water resistance with a ... Read more

Invitation to the Webinar: "PoE Power from the Network

Webinar PoE Power over Ethernet

Invitation to the webinar: "PoE- Power from the network" In our webinar "Two birds with one stone" on the topic of Power over Ethernet (PoE) on 18 June 2020 at 10 a.m. with Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Copper Data, you will learn which PoE data cables are best suited for maximum PoE efficiency depending on the spatial conditions. We will also inform ... Read more

Strong together: SPE System Alliance

SPE applications offer enormous potential for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To further advance the implementation of SPE in the industrial sector, leading technology companies from various industries and application areas have joined forces to form the SPE System Alliance. The Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) is also a member of the open alliance, in which the partners bundle SPE know-how, use synergies ... Read more