Next level of fire protection cables: New Draka R01 and R02

Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of Prysmian Group introduced two fire-resistant, highly lightweight, and cost-effectively designed fibre optic cables to its UCFIBRE product range with R01 and R02 for general interior usage as well as shorter outdoor applications. Both central tube cables include 2 to 24 glass fibres and a FireRes® jacket. The R01 model satisfies CPR class Cca s1a d1 a1 standards, whereas the R02 meets fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. In the event of a fire, they can keep data transfer going for up to 120 minutes. R01 and R02 are gel-filled, waterproof, and fitted with corrugated steel tape armouring, making them ideal for installation in tunnels and subterranean passageways.

Fireproof and rodent-proof

For high resistance, both cables include a halogen-free and flame-retardant FireRes® protective sheath (LSHF-FR). Despite its low cost, both cables satisfy the rigorous criteria of the CPR fire protection classes: the R01 cable is certified according to CPR class Cca s1a d1 a1, and the R02 cable is certified according to B2ca s1a d1 a1.

Time buffer for evacuation

One of the critical cable features for usage in the abovementioned applications is the ability to preserve a limited continuance of service in the case of a fire, allowing rescue personnel to be better assisted during evacuation. Draka cables R01 and R02 sustain data transmission in the case of a fire for up to 120 minutes with an attenuation of 0.76 dB after thorough testing in accordance with IEC 60331-25. Both cables also passed the insulation behavior tests according to EN 50200 – for use in unprotected emergency circuits – with a substantial margin. Even when subjected to extra mechanical stress, these cables maintain a 1.68 dB attenuation value for two hours.