Gel-filled DRAKA universal cable

The Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) offers a wide portfolio of gel-filled universal cables for indoor and outdoor applications with non-CPR, FCa, System 3 and System 1+ solutions in single-tube or loose tube constructions. The gel inside protects the fibres from water penetration and also makes them extremely robust and resistant to mechanical impact. Micro or macro bending effects due to temperature fluctuations or ... Read more

Draka BendBrightXS: Bending without breaking

Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU is taking its leadership in the bend-insensitive fibre optic data cable market to a new level. BendBrightXS fibres feature extremely low micro-bend sensitivity and minimal macro-bend and kink losses at very small radii. MMS integrates BendBrightXS in its fibre optic cable ranges, which are used in a wide range of applications, for example ... Read more

The new Draka R01 and R02 fire protection cables

The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group is expanding its UCFIBRE product family with two more fire-resistant fibre optic data cables Draka R01 and R02. They are suitable for universal use, both indoors for building cabling and for demanding outdoor applications. The two central tube cables each consist of 2 up to 24 glass fibres and a FireRes® jacket. Both ... Read more

Practical and compact: from now on UCHOME fibre idrop 900 in the Reelex box

The Draka cable UCHOME fibre idrop 900 I-VH LS9 4F G.657 A2 has got a new packaging. The indoor FTTH cable is now available in a compact and practical Reelex box. By simply and safely pulling it out, installers save time during installation and avoid damage. The distribution cable with a diameter of 4.5 millimetres is suitable for cable ducts and for ... Read more

Optical nets with fibres insensitive to bending

Progressive digitalisation is leading to a massive increase in optical network density. As a result, bend-resistant fibre optic cables such as the Draka single-mode fibre G.657.A1 are increasingly coming into focus. In the current issue of LANline, Gerard Pera, Product Manager Fibre Optic Data Cables at BU Multimedia Solutions/Prysmian Group, describes in a comprehensive article how to get the most out of optical networks with bend-friendly fibres. ... Read more

SM fibre optic cable with improved bending performance

The relentless increase in data traffic is creating an exploding demand for transmission capacity and network infrastructure. New technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are fuelling this trend. Optical networks must adapt to these demands by gaining momentum, offering higher capacities and lower latency. At the same time, density is increasing and optical networks are coming up against space ... Read more

UC FIBRE 432: Fireproof, waterproof, flexible

Users should be aware that combined indoor/outdoor cables must be absolutely waterproof according to the current EN 60794-1. The Multimedia Solutions BU of the Prysmian Group has the right solution here: the fibre optic loose tube cables of the N-series in fibre counts up to 432. They are currently the only cables on the market that combine high water resistance with a ... Read more