Practical and compact: from now on UCHOME fibre idrop 900 in the Reelex box

The Draka cable UCHOME fibre idrop 900 I-VH LS9 4F G.657 A2 has got a new packaging. The indoor FTTH cable is now available in a compact and practical Reelex box. By simply and safely pulling it out, installers save time during installation and avoid damage. The distribution cable with a diameter of 4.5 millimetres is suitable for cable ducts and for pulling into the conduit as well as for splice connections and for direct plug mounting.

Fibre optic to the home is a crucial building block in broadband expansion and for advancing digitalisation. The continuation of the fibre optic cables from the building connection in the basement to the home or office enables even higher internet availability, so that people can work on the network without delays and participate in digital events without interference. When streaming films or music, users benefit from brilliant television pictures and enormously clear sound.

Simple, fast and safe

With the new, installation-friendly Reelex box, BU Multimedia Solutions supports installers in the quick and safe installation of the Draka UChome fibre idrop 900 cable indoors. The pull-out system allows the cable to be pulled out easily without twisting thanks to the 8-shaped rewind. The handy recessed grip on the packaging and the lower weight compared to a drum make it much more comfortable to handle and carry in narrow staircases and small flats. The risk of damaging walls or doors is far less than with a plastic drum. In addition, the cardboard Reelex box is more environmentally friendly and easier to dispose of. Wholesalers benefit from the compact packaging with reduced, practical cable length of 250 metres in warehousing and sales.

Mini breakout cable with bend insensitive singlemode fibre

The UChome fibre idrop 900 is suitable for various indoor applications, for cable ducts as well as for pulling into pipes. With a diameter of only about 4.5 millimetres, the cable is very flexible and easy to lay. It is suitable for splice connections and for direct connector assembly. The FireRes® jacket is UV-stable, halogen-free and flame-retardant. The cable complies with fire protection class Dca s1 d2 a1 according to EN 50173-1. Equipped with four fibres G.657.A2 BendBright®XS, many cable constructions can be realised with the distribution cable. The single-mode fibre is extremely insensitive to bending and allows a reduced bending radius. The low bending sensitivity guarantees that the 1625 nm window (L-band) can be used for future bandwidth requirements. The fibre complies with the new ITU G.657A2 and G.657B2 standards (2009 edition) as well as ITU G.652D.