Gel-filled DRAKA universal cable

The Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) offers a wide portfolio of gel-filled universal cables for indoor and outdoor applications with non-CPR,FCa, System 3 and System 1+ solutions in single-tube or loose tube constructions. The gel inside protects the fibres from water penetration and also makes them extremely robust and resistant to mechanical impact. Micro or macro bending effects due to temperature fluctuations or tensile forces are prevented. Damping after the cabling process is consequently reduced.

Draka gel-filled cables meet both indoor and outdoor cabling requirements by complying with the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) while withstanding the outdoor environment. Gel-filled solutions provide the best performance and protection for the fibres. This has proven critical in many different indoor and outdoor applications, FTTA, campus interconnects and other applications where installation and conditions can change quickly.

The gel completely blocks the ingress of water inside the tubes. The cables thus offer secure protection against water and are extremely robust and resistant to mechanical impacts such as shocks or bending. The gel-filled universal cables with low-smoke, halogen-free FireRes
® LSZH-FR sheathing are available in various versions. The wide product range also covers the specifications of special system classes (System 3 or System 1+), which are also subject to the CPR standard, in both single-tube and loose tube constructions. The Draka portfolio includes solutions with fibre counts from 2 up to 432, which ensures the most flexible use possible. The properties of the universal cables also make them ideal for riser and drop installations.

Water-blocking gels offer additional protection
The gel contained in the halogen-free LSZH tubes is grease-like, transparent and free of water or other foreign substances. The gel is fully compatible with both the Draka fibre coating and the low-smoke, halogen-free FireRes® LSZH tubing used primarily in the popular Draka System-1+ solutions. Water-blocking cables contain either special swellable yarns or a filling compound such as gel that completely fills the hoses. The combination of suitable connectors and proper termination ensures complete protection of the fibres from water penetration. Together with water-swellable elements, the use of water-blocking gels is highly recommended for universal cables.

Hard shell, soft core
The Draka N-Series fibre optic loose tube cables from the gel-filled cable portfolio, for example, offer the ideal solution for users who require combined indoor/outdoor cables that comply with the current EN 60794-1. The N-series comprises non-metallic, gel-filled, stranded indoor/outdoor loose tube cables with up to 432 fibres. Gel-filled cables are not only useful in a multiple loose tube design, but also in other application fields. In cases where installation, flame resistance and conditions can change easily and quickly, the Draka Unitube portfolio has a wide range of other cables in the range.

Draka's gel-filled Unitube cables withstand high and low temperatures very well and even meet or exceed the IEC 60794-6-10 standard.