Without compromises

When installing fiber optic cables, companies often have to make compromises between security, quality, cost and application practices. For example, some cables with a high number of fibers do not meet the required CPR classes – and vice versa. Draka CPR Cca and B2ca loose tube cables with up to 288 fibers give users all in one.

The N-Series fiber optic loose tube cables with a tensile strength of up to 9 kN are available in different versions. The stranded loose tube cables N10, N14 and N15 meet the requirements of fire protection class Cca, the versions N09, N11 and N13 meet CPR class B2ca. All cable types are gel filled, non-metallic and available with up to 288 fibers. Due to their non-metallic nature, they are easy to install. The installation practice is identical to the previous Eca or loose tube cabling in outdoor applications.

With their waterproofness and high tensile strength, the new 288 fiber Cca and B2ca loose tube fiber cables can be used both indoors and outdoors – especially in data centers, high-rise buildings and in buildings where many people are present (schools, hospitals, offices, airports, etc.) On the one hand, large amounts of data accumulate in the networks there, requiring more fiber optic connections. On the other hand, European authorities and institutes for public buildings specify or recommend fire classes Cca and B2ca as minimum requirements.

Draka cables are industry leaders in their combination of waterproofing, maximum number of 288 optical fibers and mechanical strength combined with the highest level of fire protection.