Triple 1: Draka S/FTP Cable with maximum fire safety

Fire protection in buildings is a top priority in order to protect human life. Because more and more plastics are being installed, life-threatening toxic gases and smoke develop within minutes in fires. Cables are also fire accelerants. That’s why Draka’s highly shielded S/FTP category 7, 7A and 8.2 installation and connection cables are now even more fire resistant.

With the addition of the highly shielded Triple 1 Dca s1 d1 a1 S/FTP cables in categories Cat.7, Cat.7A and Cat8.2 to its portfolio, Prysmian Group’s Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) combines optimum shielding with maximum fire safety. In addition to high fire protection of CPR class Dca, the copper cables offer lowest smoke (s1) and acid development (a1) as well as minimized dripping behavior (d1).

With optimum shielding of separation class “d”, the new Triple 1 Draka cables meet the criteria required by EN50174-2 and achieve the highest shielding class for coupling attenuation Type I and coupling resistance Grade 1 in each case. With these properties, the installation and connection cables ensure compliance with the statutory EMC regulations (EMC = electromagnetic compatibility) and guarantee consistent protection of the Draka cable and the installed system.

With the further development of the copper cables with Triple 1 performance, the BU MMS contributes to more fire and thus personal protection. This is all the more important because the period of time during which life-threatening conditions caused by toxic gases and smoke occur is becoming shorter and shorter: 50 years ago, this was more than 15 minutes; now it is only three minutes. Because the time to escape is dwindling, toxic gases and smoke are now the cause of death in 44 percent of the approximately 4,000 people who die in fires each year. For this reason, a high fire protection rating for cable properties is a top priority for BU MMS.