Fireproof, practical, powerful: New Draka UCHome Cat.7A

Due to the ever-increasing requirements for multimedia applications, increasing work in the home office and the growing number of installed smart home systems, the demands on home cabling are rising. In the network cable Draka UCHOME Cat.7A SS22 S/FTP LSHF-FR Dca s1 d1 a1, users will find a future-proof and investment-proof solution with the highest cable standard.

 With the new Draka UCHome Cat.7A, the Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group is expanding its UCHOME product family with an extremely fire-safe copper cable for indoor use. The copper cable is packaged in an environmentally friendly Reelex box with 200 metres of cable length. This benefits installers as well as customers and wholesalers, as the cable is easier and quicker to install than a cable rolled on a cable drum. The compact packaging is advantageous for storage, installation and disposal. The reduced cable length and cardboard packaging makes the weight lighter, the box easier to handle and environmentally friendly to dispose of. Over 95 percent of installations in private homes require a maximum of 200 meters of cable. This means we have matched the size of the box to the need and sized it just right.


Fire-proof and optimally shielded 

The UCHOME Cat.7A SS22 cable with an outer diameter of 7.6 millimeters achieves best-in-class performance in Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bt with 90 W) due to its AWG value of 22. Compared to AWG23, the copper cable offers 58 percent less power dissipation and 50 percent less cable heating. It also enables 25 GBase-T applications with a maximum bridgeable transmission length of 30 meters. The Category 7A electrical characteristics comply with EN 50173 and 50288.


Like all highly shielded Draka S/FTP installation and connection cables of categories 7, 7A and 8.2, the UCHOME Cat.7A SS22 guarantees triple-1 performance in terms of fire safety: in addition to the high fire protection of CPR class Dca, it offers lowest smoke (s1) and acid development (a1) and minimized dripping (d1). With optimum shielding in separation class “d”, the copper cable meets the criteria required by EN50174-2 with regard to distances or the use of separators in cable routes and achieves the highest shielding class for coupling attenuation Type I and coupling resistance Grade 1 in each case. These properties ensure compliance with the statutory EMC regulations (EMC = electromagnetic compatibility) and guarantee the consistent protection of the Draka cable and the installed system.