From the roll: The flame-retardant, lightweight Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow

With the Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow BBXS LSZH-FR B2ca, the Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) of the Prysmian Group is launching a new central core cable. MMS has wound the new addition onto reels. Network technicians can use the extremely flexible fibre optic cable with Aramid Roving and FireRes®jacket can be installed using the blow-in technique or laid as usual. The highly flame-retardant central core cable is suitable for installation in access networks and indoors. it has a tensile strength of 250N and meets the demanding CPR fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. Depending on the number of fibres (4, 8 or 12), it has an outer diameter of 2.3 or 2.8 millimetres.

BU MMS adds another easy-to-install, extremely fire-resistant fibre optic cable with a central loose tube to its idrop fibre product series. The Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow complies with the demanding EU fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. The 4-fibre cable in particular is used for laying from the house transfer point to the multimedia distributor or to the individual junction boxes. Thanks to the bend-resistant BBXS fibre, the cable with a diameter of only 2.3 millimetres is virtually predestined for laying behind skirting boards. With a tensile force of 250N, the cable is suitable for laying in the installation pipe as well as in a speedpipe 7×1.5, as the cable is also suitable for the blow-in technique. The new Draka UCHome cable has a halogen-free, low-smoke FireRes® outer jacket (LSZH-FR) in accordance with EN/IEC 60332-3-25, IEC/EN 60754-1/2 and IEC/EN 61034-2.

Easy installation: blowing in or laying
The central bundle cable is practically wound on a spool. It can be installed safely and quickly by blowing or laying. Both the very small outer diameters of 2.3 millimetres for 4 and 8 fibres and 2.8 millimetres for 12 fibres and the aramid yarns result in a low weight of the cable spools (7 or 10 kg/km). The metal-free Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow has a tensile strength of 250N and is certified and standardised according to the following standards: ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, IEC 60794-1-1/21/22. Finally, it is insensitive to bending and flexible due to MMS' proprietary BendBright®XS technology.

Further details on the UCHome Fibre idrop 250 Blow BBXS LSZH-FR B2ca can be found in the data sheet here.