Wiring in the home: Draka in conversation with "Living Spaces

The use of intelligent technology in one's own four walls is steadily increasing and smart homes are becoming more and more popular. In an interview with our partner "Lebensräume", Olaf Baxmann, Area Sales Manager Northern Germany of the BU MMS/Prysmian Group for Draka-Kabel, provides provides basic information on the subject of data and network technology for a future-proof residential building structure. What do we need to guarantee the best possible performance? What solutions are available for this? Which structures will be in demand in the future?

The coexistence of two systems - data and network technology - plays an essential role in these questions. For wired, non-stationary devices such as refrigerators or smart TVs, primarily classic data cables with a stable network structure should be used. Whereas location-independent devices such as laptops or smartphones are operated via wireless LAN. Sensible cabling and centrally selected access points are important for both the power supply and the data connection. This is the only way to ensure comprehensive WLAN coverage and the best possible performance of the devices. The right choice of access points should therefore ideally be considered during the planning stage.

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