Backwards compatibility of Single Pair Ethernet to existing 2-wire fieldbus systems

Many of the fieldbus protocols used today in the field of process, building and factory automation use 2-wire cabling systems. The question arises whether the cabling systems of the bus systems standardised in IEC 61158 do not also function with 2-wire single pair Ethernet cabling. The Cable working group of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance has carried out theoretical and practical investigations which show that SPE cabling can be used for existing fieldbus systems and that existing fieldbus systems can communicate with each other via SPE cabling. Take the opportunity and visit the Connectors User Congress. The presentation by Bruno Escher, Product Manager Specials of BU MMS (Prysmian Group) will take place on 04 July 2022 in the SPE Shedhalle at 15:30 - 16:00.

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