New DRAKA UC HOME brochure

Communication cables bring digitization to houses and apartments

The trend is clear: the importance of cabling in the home continues to grow. At the same time, the requirements for available bandwidth and packing density are increasing significantly. In general, there is an increased use of fiber optic cables. With its Draka "UCHome" product family, the Multimedia Solutions BU of the Prysmian Group offers a wide range of communication cables that bring digitalization to houses and apartments. It presents them in detail in its new brochure "Draka UCHome".

The range of cables used in single- and multi-family homes is wide. It ranges from data, universal copper and coaxial cables to fiber optic cables and hybrid cables. The MMS BU provides high-performance, installation-friendly and compact cable solutions for all areas of application. In its current brochure, it provides a well-structured overview of the Draka product portfolio.

Draka's UCHome copper data cables bring data securely into the home and distribute it to different rooms. They are also ideal for Power over Ethernet (PoE). With the UCHome SS22 and UCHome SS26 data cables specified in more detail in the brochure (pages 10-11), users are well prepared for future applications.

With the UC Compact ZD Cat.7 I/O data cable (page 13), the MMS BU offers a UCHome universal copper cable with a jacket optimized for outdoor applications. This is suitable for connecting surveillance cameras, gate controls or intercom systems.

There's no question about it: fiber optics bring high data rates into houses and apartments. That is why the MMS BU has developed the UCHome idrop cable series. The singlemode fiber optic cables UCHome idrop 250 drag & blow and the UCHome idrop900 presented in the brochure on page 15 are compactly designed, available in different fiber counts and equipped with bend-resistant fibers according to ITU-T G.657.A2.

Coaxial cables are used not only for the transmission of radio and television content, but also in residential construction. Equipped with new transmission protocols such as DOCSIS, connections with gigabit speeds can be realized for fast Internet. In residential construction, MMS recommends the Coax10 Trishield A+ as the standard cable. Another Draka coaxial cable shown in the brochure on page 17 is the Coax10 AD 10 S AL.

During the planning phase, it is often still unclear on which physical medium the distribution of fast Internet access should take place. MMS therefore offers cable solutions that integrate all different cable types. One standard variant is the universal UCHome Hybrid riser cable consisting of the UCHome Coax Trishield A+, the UC900 HS23 4P and four bend-resistant singlemode optical fibers. It holds all options under one jacket.

Finally, on pages 6 to 9, the brochure includes the two chapters "WiFi access points and other end devices wired only with data cables" and "Illumination planning for a floor in a single-family home".