Aid project: Cable donation for "Hospital in Ghana

In Ghana, many children still die of malaria - although there are highly effective anti-malaria drugs. Many families simply lack the money for effective treatment. Dr Samuel Okae wants to change that. The specialist in trauma surgery and orthopaedics in Dortmund has been planning and building a solidarity hospital in his native country for years. The Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) supports the remarkable aid project with copper data cables. The colleagues from Schwerin provided NYM installation cables for laying in buildings.

It was the comparison with German hospitals that made Samuel Okae realise the miserable state of Ghanaian hospitals during his studies at the Charité in Berlin. With the aim of helping the poorest in his home country, especially children, he initiated the construction of a hospital, a solidarity hospital. The motto: No child younger than five years old should be turned away in this hospital because there is no money for medical treatment.

"Children are particularly susceptible to infectious diseases at this age because their immune systems are not yet mature. They need medical care," Okae explains. "Patients who are able to pay often fly abroad because they have no confidence in the hospitals in Ghana. This should change. With a modern hospital according to western standards, we can treat everyone, with or without money, according to the principle of 'the strong helping the weak'." The doctor wants to be able to treat about 100 to 200 children per day after completion of the hospital, which is located near Ghana's capital Accra, 130 beds are planned. In addition, around 100 jobs are to be created.

With the donation of several drums of data cables (types UC900 SS27 C7 S/FTP 4P LSHF GY 1000DW and UC500 AS 23 C6A F/FTP 4P LSHF 500DW), the MMS is pleased to be able to contribute to this aid project. So that the hospital can start operating as soon as possible and save children's lives.