Gives fire no chance

Seit der verbindlich geltenden Bauproduktenverordnung (CPR) vom 1. Juli 2017, müssen fest in Gebäude installierte Kabel und Leitungen zum vorbeugenden baulichen Brandschutz beitragen. Der Schutz von Leib und Leben hat höchste Priorität. Mit dem Draka Cat.6 U/UTP B2ca D65 stehen Gebäudebesitzer auf der brandsicheren Seite. Das Brandschutzkabel erfüllt alle Anforderungen der europaweit geltenden Brandschutzklasse B2ca s1a d1 a1 und ist damit vollständig CPR-konform.

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The Draka Cat.6 U/UTP B2ca D65 with an outer diameter of 6.1 millimetres delivers full electrical performance according to category 6 of EN 50173 and EN 50288 without compromising the data transmission rate. The special challenge in the development was to achieve the highest performance, easy handling (high packing density, low weight) and at the same time comply with the high fire protection requirements of the CPR EN standard 50575 for B2ca cables. An independent notified testing body tested the cable for thermal energy content, flame spread, smoke generation, acidity, heat release and droplet formation and assigned them to the B2ca CPR fire protection class based on the test results.

"We have invested considerable resources in the development of the new cable. Here, the success is mainly due to a number of material technology developments, an optimised cable construction design and the fine-tuning of the manufacturing process," says Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Copper Cables, BU Multimedia Solutions, Prysmian Group. The Draka Cat.6 U/UTP B2ca D65 is extremely compact, very flexible and easy to install.

"During the development of the new Category 6 U/UTP cable design, it became apparent that cables running directly from the production line onto a drum retain their structure and integrity," explains Zoran Borcic. To ensure that the new D65 network cable complies with CPR fire protection class B2ca, it is therefore only available on a cable drum. The "ReelexTM process in a box could have a negative impact especially on unshielded cables on the resulting CPR classification and is therefore not applied in the manufacturing process of the D65 cable.

The very installation-friendly network cable is used in particular in public sector buildings (schools, hospitals, airports, etc.) and in office buildings.

For more information on the new Draka Cat.6 U/UTP B2ca D65, please refer to the data sheet and the white paper "A Safe Step Forward - The Challenges of Determining the Reaction to Fire Characteristics for Data Communication Cables".