Draka BendBrightXS: Bending without breaking

The Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU is taking its leadership in the bend-insensitive fibre optic data cable market to a new level. BendBrightXS fibres feature extremely low micro-bend sensitivity and minimal macro-bend and kink losses at very small radii. MMS integrates BendBrightXS in its fibre optic cable ranges, which are used in a wide range of applications, such as access networks in densely populated urban areas, FTTH networks, office installations, data centres and 5G environments.

Extremely flexible, sustainable and space-saving
Companies continue to face the challenge of coping with increasing data volumes and the growing need for transmission capacity, which requires more fibres than ever before. At the same time, cable density is increasing, and optical networks are reaching their limits faster and faster in terms of space. High-performance fibre optic cables are a good choice here, offering large capacities and low latency times in dynamic optical networks and also taking up little space due to their high insensitivity to bending with low macro bending losses at very small radii in the millimetre range.

Draka UC Future® M11 for data centres and offices
For data centres and central office applications, MMS added the Draka UC Future M11 cable to its portfolio. They are bend-friendly, insensitive to micro- and macro-bending and work effectively under constrained conditions. Other benefits include easy installation and high CPR rating to fire class B2ca s1a d1 a1. The great performance of the cable is assured by the usage of the BBXS fibres. Of course, M11 is just one of many available BendBrightXS fibre cables.

Draka UC Home® idrop family for FTTx
The fire-resistant Draka cables of the UCHome idrop family equipped with BendBrightXS fibres are also an ideal and easy-to-install solution for optical subscriber networks. With the increasing broadband roll-out and the resulting exponential growth in data volumes, as well as the growing demand for FTTx applications, further Draka UCHome solutions combined with BendBrightXS fibres are a very effective component.

Draka BendBrightXS fibre optic technology
From the experience gained in numerous customer projects, the MMS BU develops optimised cable systems based on BendBrightXS fibre technology. Customers benefit from scalable, physically compact and investment-proof solutions, with which they are ideally equipped for future requirements. BendBrightXS offers companies measurable technical, economic and environmental benefits.