The new Draka R01 and R02 fire protection cables

The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group is expanding its UCFIBRE product family with two more fire-resistant fibre optic data cables Draka R01 and R02. They are suitable for universal use, both indoors for building cabling and for demanding outdoor applications. The two central tube cables each consist of 2 up to 24 glass fibres and a FireRes® jacket.

Both cable variants R01 and R02 are ideal for installation in tunnels and tunnel passages, but also in other large buildings or heavily frequented areas that are difficult to evacuate in the event of a fire. This is because these new types of fibre optic data cables are gel-filled, waterproof and have corrugated steel tape armouring. This means they can withstand high safety requirements and ensure a highly available cable infrastructure.

Well protected: Fireproof and rodent-proof

The halogen-free and flame-retardant FireRes® protective sheath (LSHF-FR) ensures high resistance. Both cable variants meet the high requirements of the CPR fire protection classes: The R01 cable is certified to CPR class Cca s1a d1 a1 and the R02 cable to B2ca s1a d1 a1. The new fire protection cables are available in versions from 2 up to 24 fibres and offer a very high tensile strength of 3000 N.

The gel-filled fibre optic central tube cables are very robust, waterproof and resistant to mechanical impacts and external influences. Thanks to corrugated steel tape armouring, the R01 and R02 fibre optic cables offer reliable rodent protection. These properties make them ideal installation cables for demanding indoor and outdoor areas such as tunnels and galleries.

Time buffer for evacuation

When there is a fire, time plays a decisive role. Especially in tunnels, galleries or hard-to-reach areas, the functionality of the cables is essential in the event of a fire in order to buy rescue workers a little more time. The data transmission of Draka cables R01 and R02 can be maintained for up to 120 minutes in case of fire at an attenuation of 0.76 dB, this has been established after extensive testing according to IEC 60331-25. The two cables are also convincing for use in emergency circuits with unprotected installation according to tests of the insulation behaviour according to EN 50200. Under mechanical load, they also continue to function for two hours with an attenuation value of 1.68 dB.