From the roll: The flame-retardant, lightweight Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow

With the Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow BBXS LSZH-FR B2ca, the Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) of the Prysmian Group is launching a new central core cable. MMS has wound the new addition onto reels. Network technicians can install the extremely flexible fibre optic cable with aramid roving and FireRes® jacket using blow-in technology or lay it as usual. The highly ... Read more

Draka Mobile Fiber Cables: Extremely flexible and yet very robust

Specially manufactured for outdoor applications

With the Draka Mobile Fibre Cables (MFC), the Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group offers extremely resistant, flame-retardant and flexible fibre optic cables for broadcasters and outside broadcasts (OB vans). Thanks to the patented BendBright-XS technology, the SMPTE 2110 Draka cables have an extremely high resistance to bending. Specially manufactured for outdoor applications, the MFC series is suitable for use in the broadcast sector as well as ... Read more

The new Draka R01 and R02 fire protection cables

The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group is expanding its UCFIBRE product family with two more fire-resistant fibre optic data cables Draka R01 and R02. They are suitable for universal use, both indoors for building cabling and for demanding outdoor applications. The two central tube cables each consist of 2 up to 24 glass fibres and a FireRes® jacket. Both ... Read more

Single Pair Ethernet - Technology for the Future

The Industrial Internet of Things is increasingly determining the processes of numerous industries. Single Pair Ethernet forms the future-oriented data infrastructure for this. More than 32 leading technology companies have joined forces in the SPE System Alliance to establish SPE on the market. Together we drive the technology forward and benefit from the strengths of our partners. Learn more about SPE and ... Readmore

Wiring in the home: Draka in conversation with "Living Spaces

The use of intelligent technology in one's own four walls is steadily increasing and smart homes are becoming more and more popular. In an interview with our partner "Lebensräume", Olaf Baxmann, Area Sales Manager Northern Germany of the BU MMS/Prysmian Group for Draka-Kabel, provides basic information on the topic of data and network technology for a future-proof residential building structure. What do we need in order to achieve the best possible performance ... Read more

Currently in the Lanline: "PoE conquers building technology".

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) infrastructures are well on their way to becoming a dominant technology. They combine data communication and power supply via a single Ethernet cable. Among PoE applications, smart lighting solutions in particular are becoming more and more common. Here, Cat.7A, Cat.8.2 and Cat.7 long reach cables in AWG22 from Draka can offer maximum PoE efficiency. In the current issue of LANline, Zoran Borcic, Product Manager ... Read more

Congratulations to "Living Spaces" for the SmartHome Germany Award 2021

Our official partner "Lebensräume" has won 1st place in the SmartHome Awards Germany 2021 in the category "Best Product" for its "Smart Home Configurator". We would like to offer our warmest congratulations. As a supplier of the associated smart home cables, we are delighted to be part of the award.The prize is well-deserved. Because the online "Living Spaces" configurator makes the planning of an individual Smart Home ... Read more

New web catalogue for Draka cables

Data cable new web catalogue

The new web catalogue of the Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) of the Prysmian Group is now online at By simply clicking on the respective product category of copper, fibre optic and industrial data cables as well as home cabling, studio and ship cables, users can access a detailed overview of the individual cable models. Innovative filter, search and comparison functions make it easy to quickly find cables and additional information. The ... Read more

Improved fire protection for the Draka UC500 AS23 Cat.6A F/FTP data cable

Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU has added fire safety to another copper cable. The Draka UC500 AS23 Cat.6A F/FTP is now available in CPR fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. The further development from class Cca to B2ca offers users higher fire safety with the same performance and manageability. The further developed fire protection cable fulfils all criteria ... Read more

Fire-safe, practical, high-performance: New copper data cable Draka UCHome Cat.7A

Draka UCHome Copper Data Cable

Due to the ever-increasing requirements for multimedia applications, the increasing work in the home office and the increased installation of smart home systems, the demands on home cabling are rising. Users will find a future-proof and investment-proof solution with the highest cable standard in the network cable Draka UCHOME Cat.7A SS22 S/FTP LSHF-FR Dca s1 d1 a1. With the new Draka UCHome Cat.7A, the BU is expanding ... Read more