Bend it for all it's worth!

SMPTE311M Camera cable

To ensure that large sporting events, open-air concerts and reports of current events land on your screen in first-class picture quality, technically high-quality broadcast cables are required. These must be insensitive to bending, robust and hard-wearing - just like the Draka SMPTE 311M camera cables. "Designed for professional studio and live productions, Draka Hybrid HD camera cables meet all the requirements the broadcast industry needs to deliver HDTV, ... Read more

Compact and reliable

Fibre optic cable

Cables are exposed to very high tensile forces during installation and often also during operation. If the tensile load capacity is just sufficient for the installation, the forces acting on the cable can increase the fibre elongation. This means greater stress and thus a shortened fibre service life. To counteract this, the Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU ... Read more

Without compromise

When installing fibre optic cables, companies often have to compromise between the factors of safety, quality, cost and application practices. For example, some cables with a high fibre count do not meet the required CPR classes - and vice versa. But there is another way: with Draka CPR Cca and B2ca loose tube cables with up to 288 optical fibres, users get everything in one. The ... Read more