Draka UC400 Cat.6 U/UTP B2ca now available in Reelex Box

BU Multimedia Solutions of Prysmian Group has optimised the design of its Draka UC400 23 Cat.6 U/UTP LSHF D65 B2ca. The copper cable in the demanding CPR fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1 is now available from a 305 metre Reelex Box. With a cable diameter of 6.1 mm, the lightweight, extremely compact and flexible Draka cable is particularly easy and quick to install. The electrical performance comply with category 6 of EN 50173 and EN 50288. The new network cable is mainly used in public sector buildings (schools, hospitals, airports, etc.) and in office buildings. 

BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) has put significant resources into developing the enhanced design of the UC400 D65 cable. To ensure that the D65 network cable fully complies with CPR fire rating B2ca, MMS was previously only able to offer it on a cable reel. The Reelex process in a box has a negative impact on the resulting CPR classification. The structure and integrity of the Draka cable would have been lost if the BU MMS had run the B2ca D65 cable directly from the production line onto a drum in the previous design. The fact that BU MMS can now provide it in a Reelex box is mainly due to a number of material technology developments, an optimised cable construction design and the fine-tuning of the manufacturing process.

Defying fire

The Draka UC400 network cable meets all the criteria of the demanding fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. With its lowest smoke development, delayed heat release, reduced flame spread and low release of corrosive gases, it makes an important contribution to preventive fire protection. The fire protection cable provides full electrical power according to category 6 of EN 50173 and EN 50288 without affecting the data transmission rate. With a cable diameter of 6.1 mm and the application from a 305 metre Reelex Box, MMS offers a very light, flexible and installation-friendly network cable.

Here you can find more information about the Draka UC400 Cat.6 U/UTP LSHF D65 B2ca.