Draka IP MediaLine Fiber nominated for “Digital Studio Award”

BU Multimedia Solutions has every reason to celebrate: The Draka IP MediaLine Fiber SMPTE 2110 cable has been nominated for the 17th Digital Studio Award in the category “Excellence in Technical Installation and Supplier Innovation”. Together with six other candidates, the fiber optic cable based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard was shortlisted for the final award ceremony on March 30, 2021.

More at Digital Studio Awards 2021 | Dubai | Mar 30 (itp.events)

A record number of nominations were received for ITP Media Group’s 17th Digital Studio Awards. It surpassed the 150 mark. More than 50 companies submitted their products and projects to qualify for an award in a total of 18 categories. According to ITP Media Group, the quality of nominations again reached a very high level in this special and difficult year that the media production, broadcast and event industry has experienced. Awards organizers credit the record-breaking number of companies that entered the 17th Digital Studio Awards as a testament to the industry’s resurgence in the region.

High bandwidth, robust and flexible

The Draka IP MediaLine Fiber cable based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard also contributes to this. The high-quality broadcast fiber optic cable for high-speed data transport over IP networks meets the stringent requirements of film and television production. The cable range includes non-metallic, gel-filled FO central tube cables with two to 24 fibers for indoor broadcast applications and variants with the patented BendBright® technology for mobile outdoor applications, making them highly resistant to bending and robust. The BendBright® XS fibers are the first choice for all patch, and camera cables. They offer companies measurable technical, economic as well as environmental benefits. CPR Cca cables with FireRes® jacketing with very high flame retardancy feature dielectric glass yarn armor for rodent resistance and high water attenuation. The IP MediaLine Fiber cable range also includes the MFC OS2 fiber optic cable, which is designed for mobile applications.

The SMPTE 2110 standard describes the transmission of digital video signals (video stream) over an IP network in real time. In contrast to earlier IP video standards, the transmission is in uncompressed format. Each data set (video, audio and additional data) is synchronized with each other without influencing each other. This allows separate routing and editing of the data – even with metadata (timecode, subtitles and teletext) associated with the data sets.