Next level of fire protection cables: New Draka R01 and R02

Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of Prysmian Group introduced two fire-resistant, highly lightweight, and cost-effectively designed fibre optic cables to its UCFIBRE product range with R01 and R02 for general interior usage as well as shorter outdoor applications. Both central tube cables include 2 to 24 glass fibres and a FireRes® jacket. The R01 model satisfies … Read more

Single Pair Ethernet – Technology for the Future

The Industrial Internet of Things is increasingly determining the processes in numerous industries. Single pair Ethernet forms the future-oriented data infrastructure for this. In the SPE System Alliance, more than 32 leading technology companies have come together to establish SPE on the market. Together we advance the technology and benefit from the strengths of our … Read more

Draka White Paper “Good Prospects For PoE”

Game changer technology faces increasing market acceptance BU Multimedia Solutions (BU MMS) of Prysmian Group provides a white paper that shows advantages of growing Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) infrastruc­tures in building tech­nology. PoE networks in building systems, businesses and residen­tial buildings are more energy-efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, secure and easier to control. In this re­gard, office, hospitality, healthcare … Read more

Verkabelung im Heimbereich: Draka im Gespräch mit “Lebensräume”

Der Einsatz von intelligenter Technik in den eigenen vier Wänden nimmt stetig zu und Smart Homes erfreuen sich immer größerer Beliebtheit. Im Gespräch mit unserem Partner „Lebensräume“ vermittelt Olaf Baxmann, Gebietsverkaufsleiter Norddeutschland der BU MMS/Prysmian Group für Draka-Kabel Grundlegendes zum Thema Daten- und Netzwerktechnik für eine zukunftssichere Wohngebäudestruktur. Was brauchen wir, um eine bestmögliche Performance … Read more

Aktuell in der Lanline: “PoE erobert Gebäudetechnik”

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)-Infrastrukturen sind auf dem besten Weg, sich zu einer dominanten Technologie zu entwickeln. Sie kombinieren Datenkommunikation und Stromversorgung über ein einziges Ethernet-Kabel. Unter den PoE-Anwendungen kommen vor allem Smart-Lighting-Lösungen immer mehr zum Einsatz. Dabei können Cat.7A, Cat.8.2 und Cat.7-Long-Reach-Kabel in AWG22 von Draka maximale PoE-Effizienzsteigerung bieten. In der aktuellen LANline schildert Zoran Borcic, Produktmanager … Read more

Wir gratulieren „Lebensräume“ zum SmartHome Deutschland Award 2021

Unser offizieller Partner „Lebensräume“ hat für seinen „Smart-Home-Konfigurator“ den 1. Platz des SmartHome Awards Deutschland 2021 in der Kategorie „Bestes Produkt“ gewonnen. Dazu gratulieren wir ganz herzlich. Als Lieferant der dazu gehörenden Smart-Home-Kabel freuen wir uns, Teil der Auszeichnung zu sein.Der Preis ist wohlverdient. Denn der Online „Lebensräume“-Konfigurator macht die Planung eines individuellen Smart Homes … Read more

New web catalogue for Draka cables

Product catalogue data cables

The new web catalogue of BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS), Prysmian Group, is now online at By simply clicking on the respective product category of copper, fibre optic and industrial data cables as well as home cabling, studio and ship cables, users can access a detailed overview of the individual cable models. Innovative filter, search … Read more

Improved fire protection for Draka UC500 AS23 Cat.6A F/FTP cable

BU Multimedia Solutions (BU MMS) of Prysmian Group has added more fire safety to another copper cable. The Draka UC500 AS23 Cat.6A F/FTP is now available in CPR fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. The upgrade from class Cca to B2ca offers users higher fire safety with the same performance and manageability. The enhanced … Read more

Draka White Paper for Network Specialists

BU Multimedia Solutions (BU MMS) of Prysmian Group published a white paper that outlines the nomenclature of screening designs. In seven chapters, Draka summarizes the possible specifications and provides an overview of the differences between requirements for pure cables and for cabling systems. This aims at responding to regular questions raised by network specialists who … Read more