Draka IP MediaLine Fiber nominated for “Digital Studio Award”

Digital Studio Awards 2021

BU Multimedia Solutions has every reason to celebrate: The Draka IP MediaLine Fiber SMPTE 2110 cable has been nominated for the 17th Digital Studio Award in the category “Excellence in Technical Installation and Supplier Innovation”. Together with six other candidates, the fiber optic cable based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard was shortlisted for the … Read more

TV goes fiber optics

The technology in the field of broadcasting is developing more and more in the direction of fiber optics. Compared to conventional copper cables, optical fibers offer more bandwidth and lower attenuation data transmission. The Draka IP MediaLine Fiber based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard provides high-speed data transport over IP networks. The product line … Read more

4K is on

4K plays an increasingly important role in the transmission of video signals. For technical reasons, 4K transmissions are mainly carried out in Quad Link (4 x 3 Gbit/s). However, this proves to be uneconomical in practice. A single link transmission with 12 Gbit/s should be aimed for. According to the SMPTE ST 2082 standard, the … Read more

Bending what it takes!

SMPTE311M Kamerakabel

In order for large sporting events, open-air concerts and reporting of current events to land on your screen in first-class picture quality, technically advanced broadcast cable is required. They must be resistant to bending, robust and durable – just like Draka SMPTE 311M camera cables. “Designed for professional studio and live productions, Draka Hybrid HD … Read more